Relative Directories

  • I created a new ZIP archive and opened it. Now I added differnt files from different directories with the optin relative directories (I have the german version and don’t know the translation in english – it is the left option in the add dialog). In the main PA window are no path dispalyed (if I use the option complete directories, all informations are displayed).
    After unpacking the files where all in one directory. Is it a bug … ???

    Thanks for helping

  • conexware


    you need to enable option: Config> Misc> Use normal path.
    and it should work as you suggested.


  • Hallo, I tried like you discribed… but it don’t works! I changed the option in the attachment disppalys. I also checked the help, but this option is missing in the help.

    thanks for helping

  • conexware

    can you detail more info on what exactly are you doing?


  • 1. I start PA.
    2. I say New
    3. I create a new archive in the following directory : D:\Projekte\SB\EExport2\Deutsch\FSC\EExport2 called
    4. I add a file from a subdirectory of the created zip archive ( D:\Projekte\SB\EExport2\Deutsch\FSC\EExport2\Daten ).
    5. After adding the file to the archive the the sub directory \Daten will not displayed.
    6. If I unpack the archive, is in the main unpacking directory.

    Thanks for helping

  • conexware

    if you are adding file alone, then relative path will not be saved, because there is no relative path.

    You are adding file:

    Its root folder is:

    So there is no relative path to add.

    If you were adding:

    Then root would be:

    and path Daten would be stored for test.txt. Relative path is never created based on where you create the archive, since that could be anywhere…

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