Can`t upgrade from PA 2004 to 2006!

  • Hello!
    After receiving the new Registration key for PA 2006, I tried to upgrade my existing German(!) installation of PA 2004 (Vers. 9.26). After installing I type in the new registration key for PA 2006 (German) exactly as it was sent. The message appears, that for successful registration I have to restart PowerArchiver, but after restarting it is like before: The registration window appears and I`m asked to type in the registation key, and so on…
    Is there a workaround or something?
    Thanks for your help!

    Kind regards,

  • conexware

    Few things:

    • make sure you are entering International code
    • make sure both code and registration name is written exactly as in your order email.


  • Thanks! The first point helped me!
    I logged in to my account, and re-downloaded my registration key(s) for PA 2006 and in this Email were two keys. The first Email, a few months ago, contained only one key. This (first) key, as I have tested yesterday, worked with the english version, but not with the german version. :)
    Thanks again for your help!
    Kind regards,

  • conexware

    not a problem, closing it.


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