.gz multiple files

  • While using PACL 3.51 I was able to use the following command to compress multiple files indivudually into .gz files.

    PACOMP -a -k -c1
    d:\backup\oemrep.gz “D:\compressbackup\oemrep*.*”

    the result was each file gzipped and copied over respectivly.

    With PACL 4.01 it does not behave the same way. It only creates one .gz file made from the first file in the directory then completes.

    Can you help and if something has changed with 4.01 can I get a copy of 3.51, I removed it when I upgraded.


  • To compress multiple files individually use a FOR loop in a BATCH file.
    See ivans tip - http://www.powerarchiver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100

    Regarding PACL 3.51 I cannot help, sorry.

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