"CRC Error" on PACL but not Power Archiver

  • I have some zip files which produce a “CRC Error” when extracted using PAEXT.

    The strange thing is that if I try and extract the same file using Power Archiver, there is no “CRC Error” and the extracted file is identical (same MD5SUM).

    Does anyone know what may be causing this? Is the zip file corrupt (in which case Power Archiver is failing to pick up on the corruption), or is the zip file fine (in which case PAEXT is incorrectly flagging an error)?

    Many thanks,

  • Maybe:-
    PAEXT : ZIP v4.5 format (extra large archives) is not supported.

    Whereas it is supported by PowerArchiver.

  • Is there a way that I can confirm whether Zip v4.5 format is causing the problem? The zip files are not particularly large (about 100Mb).

    What is strange is that the “CRC Error” only applies to about 5% of the files I try and extract this way - the rest are fine. And even if there is a “CRC Error”, the extracted file still seems to be identical to the file extracted by PowerArchiver. Is this likely to be caused by the v4.5 format?


  • The 4.5 format allows “large archives”.
    This is used when :-
    A) Number of data files/folders >65500 (approx)
    B) Size of data files before compression >4GB
    C) Size of zip file after compression >4GB

    So if your zip file is only 100MB, I doubt B) or C) apply.
    Only you know if A) applies to these zip file(s) :D

    I can only guess at possible differences that are NOT really errors in PAEXT or PowerArchiver.

    If you know how to create one of these zip files or if you provide an example zip with the problem (e.g. url to access a “bad” zip file) then it could be checked by PACL/PowerArchiver devs. If not, all we can do is guess.

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