Strange lockup bug after updating

  • I deinstalled V9.x something and installed 9.50.
    Got new key etc. rebooted some times.

    Now if I click on any Archive and select “unpack”
    or something, or even when I try to start pa.exe
    directly over the start menu, explorer.exe goes
    up to 99% simply locking the whole pc as long Pa.exe
    is running. It seems the explorer calling code is
    going mad somewhere …

    I uninstalled 9.50 several times and reinstalled it, but
    no avail. I went back to 9.x because of this strange

    WinXP2 with all actual fixes. No explorer plugins except

    Im puzzled :confused:


  • That is strange.
    Do you have AntiVirus that could be conflicting with PA?
    Maybe exclude PA directory from RunTime checking or whatever the option is.

  • That hit the spot - somehow.

    I found out, that f-prot needs about 20secs cpuload
    to scan trough powerarchiver.exe (all other files,
    even much larger exe up to 20mb it flys over in a sec).

    Then I updated the .exe of f-prot to the newest version
    (16c from 16a) this delay got down of about 1/3 of the
    old version time.

    Im puzzled, because I run fprot for 3 years now and thisis the first time the realtimeprotector chokes on a file :rolleyes: It’s on all time and does a very good job.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off protections
    for certain files/dirs in f-prot now as written in the

    Since f-prot makes updates nearly every day to their signature files, I would make sense to send them the powerarchiver.exe so they can investigate the problem.

    Since the delay is bugging but “acceptable” for now, I will live with it and report any factfindings/update from f-prot to this thread for further reference.


  • conexware


    We are using some compression/encryption on our EXE file in 9.5, but so far we haven’t found any problems with most anti-virus programs, so please inform us when you get any reply from F-PROT support.

  • For the record:

    I uploaded teh PA.exe to F-Prot and they send me
    a nice mail that they looking into it (31. Oct 05)

    With the update of today (03. November 2005)
    (which seemed to be a little larger than usual)
    the timeout/locking of the machine handling archives
    was complete gone. If I click on a zip or want to
    unpack it, it runs like it should on my A64 :p

    Cased closed.


  • conexware

    thats pretty and fast from f-prot, kudos to them!

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