Problem with FTP inside Backup Express Script

  • I am using PA V9.00.32 on a XP-Pro machine.
    I have created a Backup Express script to backup a folder and upload the zipped file to the FTP Server.

    When I run the script, it created the zipped file, but did not even attempt the FTP upload.
    When I view the script file (.PBS) with notepad, the FtpArchive=1 and FtpProfile=FTPServer

    If I opened the zipped file in PA, then select File/FTP Archiveā€¦ menu option, it uploaded the file to the FTP server without any problem. (Using the same FTPServer profile).

    Please let me know if you need more info.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • conexware

    This is an known issue - as a workaround, enter your ftp ip/address to the Name field and it will work. Will be fixed in next update.

    thank you,

  • conexware


    The issue will be fixed in next release!

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