More compatibility to Win RAR

  • Hi,

    often i have to install Win RAR just to decompress a *.rar because PA is unable and ends with a CRC Error. Even if the File isn´t defect.

    I hope this will be fixed soon.

  • can you post an example file?

  • pa relies on the unrar.dll to extract rar files and if that is not kept upto date with the rar specification then it is not there fault for the error. can u tell us what operating sysem memory you have, programs open and the exact process of how you recreated the error.

    Can you also tell us the size and file names of the files inside the rar and if any different characters are used.

    Could you post the rar file here which version of rar actually made the rar file, this has been know to be the problem in some cases.

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