Move instead of copy

  • hi there,

    i wonder if there is an option somewhere to tell PA to move files after anpacking rather than copying them over to the desired directory?
    The reason im asking is plain and simple, when unpacking large files u will need about three times the space for the packed version, the unpacked version and the copy of the unpacked version … the temp copy of the upacked version will be removed right after the copy is done, but for the time being u simply need that space to be able to unpack the data, not to mention that copying large amounts of data needs even some extra time, which can be kinda annoying, especially when just moving the data from the temp folder to the target folder will totally suffice! and save me extra hassle and time … i understand that when the temp and target folder are on different drives, there will be a copy process no matter what, but if thats not the case, please let me move instead! :]

    Other than that PA is some nice peace of software.
    Can somenody help me out?


  • afaik there is no such option, but this would be a good wish for the next version ;)

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