Can't copy archive

  • I am unable to copy my selected archive to my CD burner. I have done this operation successfully in the past, but now when I try it I get the error message " Cannot copy Access is denied. Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected." I have tried several different disks and types of disks - no luck. Help, please.

  • Power Archiver doesn’t have an option to burn CDs, nor does it offer an option to copy archive files. :confused:

    This sounds more like a problem to do with your burning utility (whatever it is).
    Can you specify exactly what you are doing/using?

  • Thank you for your interest. I have now worked out how to save an archive to my CD burner and make a backup disk. I needed to save the archive to my burner folder and not to Power Archiver as I had been doing.

  • OK … glad you worked it out. :D

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