Error: dunzips32.dll

  • Hi, i get on some Win2k SP4 machines the error “could not access dunzips32.dll” or something else on all mainuser, Hauptbenutzer on german. Then i get “read Errors of PowerArc.exe” an so on. As administrator the get i no errors. On other machines there are no problems.
    It get this with 2003 and 2004 Version of Powerarc.

    Any sugestions?!?

    Thx & best regards,


  • do not get these but it might be something to do with your administrator privilages. windows 2k sp4 installed and checked ok

  • conexware

    You must have read access to that file in PowerArchiver directory - with normal installation it should work fine, but probably admin set that only POWERARC.EXE can be read/executed.

    Check you premissions for C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver folder and files inside.

  • I am getting this error, too:

    "explorer.exe - Unable to Locate Component

    This application has failed to start because DUNZIPS32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    This is on Windows Vista and happens sometimes when right-clicking on a file in Explorer.

    Is there any solution for this?

  • conexware


    I am getting this error, too:

    "explorer.exe - Unable to Locate Component

    This application has failed to start because DUNZIPS32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    This is on Windows Vista and happens sometimes when right-clicking on a file in Explorer.

    Is there any solution for this?

    what version of PA are you using?

  • Hi Spwolf -

    I am the original poster, although I have had to use a different forum account, due to getting a “you do not have permission to access this page” error from the PowerArchiver forum.

    I no longer have PowerArchiver installed (although I continue to get this annoying error condition).

    I downloaded PowerArchiver from sometime in August, if that tells you anything about what version I was running.

    Thanks in advance for any constructive suggestions.

  • This string has had more than 2,100 views(!). Wow.

  • conexware

    are you sure you are not missing that file as part of Windows installation? That file is installed by Windows as well, although under C:\Windows folder.


  • spwolf -

    I checked just now, and there is no dunzips32.dll in c:\windows.

    Suggested next step?

  • conexware

    can you write down complete error message you get?


  • conexware

    maybe an screenshot?

  • Here’s the screen shot. I hope that I uploaded it correctly.

    By the way, I incorrectly said that I was the original poster. I am not. I posted as hatesfandango.

    Thanks for your help!

  • spwolf, thanks very much for the hint as to what the problem is, and davidsplash, thank you very much for providing a link to a dunzips32.dll that I can download. I was not able to find that by googling, for some reason.

    It will take several days to be sure that this fixes the problem, because it didn’t happen all of the time, but I’m optimistic that you’ve solved it.


  • davidsplash, I downloaded the file at the URL you provided and rebooted, but I’m still getting the error.

    I noticed that the file at that URL is called dunzip32.dll, not dunzips32.dll, the latter of which is named in my error messages.

    Perhaps dunzip32.dll is the generic Windows file, while dunzips32.dll is a PowerArchiver file? I’m just guessing…

    Any more suggestions?


  • try renaming the file to the one in your error message

    if that works good if not search for it in the registry and delete that entry.

  • conexware

    you can install PA 2007 and use .dll from there…

  • davidsplash, that’s a great idea, and I renamed the file today. I’ll let you know if it works.

    Does anyone know what is supposed to be in c:\Windows for Vista Home? Is there supposed to be a dunzips32.dll there (without PA installed)?

  • conexware

    its somewhere under C:\Windows, dont know where exactly…

  • davidspliash, unforunately, when I rename c:\windows\dunzip32.dll to dunzips32.dll, I get the error shown in the attachment (hopefully, I did not mess up when I attached it).

    I’ll see whether I can summon up the nerve to do registry surgery.

    Does anyone know whether Vista Home is actually supposed to have such a file in c:\windows and, if so, what it is supposed to be called?


  • Again, with attachment this time (I hope).

  • conexware


    you can install PA 2007 and use .dll from there…


  • spwolf, I will keep that suggestion on my list of things to consider, but since my problems started with installing PA….

  • davidsplash, I searched the registry for dunzips32.dll and came up with the entry shown in the attached graphic. I right-clicked on that entry and chose ‘delete’, but got the warning shown in the 2nd attached graphic.

    When I then searched for ‘dunzips32.dll’ again, it was still there.

    Any suggestion how to delete this entry? I’m not a registry wizard, as you can probably tell.


  • I have a WinXP system that has both files on it:

        Location:  C:\program files\notes (Lotus Notes)
        Description:  DynaZIP-32 Multi-Threading UnZIP DLL
        Location:  C:\program files\powerarchiver
        Description:  DynaZip Secure Multi-Threading UnZip DLL

    These 2 DLLs are not interchangeable - dunzip32.dll (the non-secure one) has an export named “dunzip” (among other exports); dunzips32.dll (the secure one) has a corresponding export named “dunzipS”. If a program is compiled to use dunzips32.dll it will be looking for an API named dunzipS which will not be found if the DLL is really dunzip32.dll.

    Of course there are probably other differences, but surely this is enough to conclude that the files are not interchangeable.

    Also, the dunzips32.dll file is digitally signed by ConeXware - I don’t know if this is just so that user’s can verify where it came from or if PA checks for the signature and refuses to use one that’s unsigned (maybe spwolf can inform us on that).

    If you want the file, you can get it from the PA installer by opening the installer executable with PA (which poses a chicken & egg problem for you certainly :)). It’s a 7Zip self-extractor, so I assume that other archive utilities can open up the PA installer as well.

    But often files of this type require some sort of registration in the registry, so it might make sense to re-install PA to get the registry hopefully fixed up, too.

  • I’m probably confused, but but do davidsplash’s and mwb1100’s suggestions combine to:

    1. re-install PA
    2. copy dunzips32.dll from whereever PA puts it to c:\windows



  • This is hatesalltel with a different login account.

    Twice now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m blocked from making posts. I get the message shown below my signature.

    Is an administrator consciously blocking my account? If so, may I ask why? Or, is it a problem with the forum application or database?

    (now) PA User

    Forum message:

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  • conexware

    did you login with your account? maybe your cookies get cleared and you need to login properly with your username/password. We dont ban anyone, only for spamming and there was definetly no need to ban you.

    I doubt there is an issue with database since everyone elses account work fine.


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