What font is this ?

  • This has nothing to do with PA, but I’m trying to find out the name and size of the font used on the attached image (the image used on the PA home page next to the “PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-In” link). I want to use it as my system font but haven’t had any luck matching it up. I’ve been told it’s MS Trebuchet, but when I try that font it doesn’t look like the one on the attached image.

    Please…… Does anybody know the font name, font size and whether bold is used ?

  • Probably is that font but looks like ClearType font smoothing is on. Can turn this on in effect settings (windows xp), but makes text blury as hell… only time I’ve ever seen anyone use it is in screenshots to make there products look better!

    I think MS are paid by opticians to include ClearType in Windows so that the opticians can sell more glasses.

  • Thanks a lot Stephen!

    You saved my sanity. It was indeed the ClearType feature. I got exactly the same look by using the default of Tahoma, 8.

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