2 ZIP-related problems

    1. Create a split ZIP archive (that is, a spanned ZIP archive). Open this archive in PA. Check the compression ratio. It’s always zero, which is incorrect! I compressed a 3.5 GB folder, and the resultant size of the archive was about 2.4 GB. The compression is 31.43%, not 0! This is a bug.

    2. I compressed Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (which was the folder I used in point 1 above). It contains almost 15,000 files. Of that, 10,000 are small wav files (voice over effects/dialogue). When using ZIP format, the progress bars are very misleading .
      It seems that the overall progress is dependant on the number of files that are being compressed, not the size of the files!
      The largest file is about 900 MB. When compressing this file, the overall progress does not even go up by 1%. However, when it comes to the folder with the 10,000 files, the overall progress bar just shoots up like crazy! It was 99% completed - I thought it was all over! However, 5 more large files had to be compressed. Now that’s misleading!
      CAB and 7-ZIP work according to file size, so the overall progress bar increased rapidly while compressing the large files, which is correct.

    Get what I’m trying to say, Ivan and Spwolf?

    What do other PA users think?

  • I have noticed this before and agree that it’s misleading showing progress based on the number of files. Progress should be calculated on file size for all archive types, where possible. I would be happy though if just ZIP was changed since this is the format I mostly use.

  • Thanks for the reply, Deipotent!
    Doesn’t anyone else feel the same way?

  • conexware


    I am not sure about 1., will have to check out how is this calculated.

    As to the 2., unfortunatly that is how our zip engine works. We have made repeated requests for this feature to work based on amount data processed but nothing yet and I would not expect anything to change soon either.


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