Display forum dates as DD-MM-YYYY instead of MM-DD-YYYY

  • I thought there would be an option in the User Control Panel but there isn’t. Any ideas ?

  • I think the admins have to aneble this function in his admin center

  • could this please also be changed ;)

  • conexware

    We are an US company, so the dates will have to stay US spec. :-)

  • Fair enough. It doesn’t look like this can be configured on a per user basis with vBulletin.

    How about enabling the display of attached uploaded images in posts though since this can be configured on a per user basis, as long as it has been enabled at the Admin level. I guarantee that any users who don’t want to display the images (eg. due to being on a slow connection) can simply disable this by going into their Forum User Control Panel.

    EDIT: I was wrong about the date format - Just got this reply about the date format from someone at vBulletin

    “This is a feature that can only be set globally by an Admin. However you can set it per language so if a language has a particular date format it can be used. The end-user’s date representation will change when they change languages.”

    Can you also enable this feature please…

  • there is a per user setting in vbb which allow this !!

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