Scheduling nightmares

  • I’ve written a vbs script to archive weblog files. The script works fine standing alone but when trying to schedule using SQL Server command line job it informs me that it cannot compress files of this type. The type is a .log but it reported the error for a .txt file as well.

    I’ve tried using windows scheduler but this is playing up with its usual fuss over the run as account, it’ll only run under my account but my password is not fixed. SQL Server is the way forward and I’m hoping someone else may be using this method and have resolved any issues.

  • conexware

    There has to be something in the way SQL command line works which in turn messes up your vbs script. I have absolutly no experience there so I cant be of much help, but I would check SQL server help for more info on command line and if you need to do anything special to pass command line strings.

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