Losing focus

  • Hi,
    I have come across some strange behaviour that must not be by design.
    This happens under different, though similar circumstances.
    This is how to reproduce it.
    Find a large-ish archive. I used a 3GB archive as I have a fast PC. Load the archive and test it. Now one just has a window showing the test progress. Now click on a window under the progress window and now you can see the bug. I have a PA icon on my taskbar and it does NOT have a line underneath it to indicate that it is loaded and there is no easy way to get the window back until it appears after the testing. Other progress windows are similar.
    The only way to get the progress window back is to use taskmanager.
    The expected behaviour is that there will be some indication that PA is loaded and that one can use it to bring the progress window to the top.
    OT:- When viewing a text file in PA, there is a line does the middle of the window - when will it be removed?

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