Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2021 20.00.57

  • conexware

    New version: 21.00.57

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 21.00.57

    ** Bug
    * [PA-2798] - Backup: Spanning dropdown not showing top border
    * [PA-2801] - Encrypt Tool: Use Fips checkbox overlaps with other frames when resized
    * [PA-2802] - Back arrow button in burner apps not displaying as button when hovering over it
    * [PA-2805] - Text too close to Span dropdown in Backup
    * [PA-2807] - Files not showing inside specific tar.gz
    * [PA-2814] - Backup Icons not showing
    * [PA-2815] - D&D a folder onto an archive in windows explorer does not work
    * [PA-2816] - .apk files not recognized as zip, give compression options
    * [PA-2817] - Renaming files inside PA archives does not work
    * [PA-2818] - Multi extract tool not extracting tar.gz files
    * [PA-2819] - Shell submenu in Config says 2019 instead of 2021

    Whats New

    • Small fixed and improvements. @Alpha-Testers please check it out and let us know!

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