Lots of Bugs

  • Hi,

    Currently on the 2021 20.00.55, updated, and licensed.

    I have been facing this issue since 2019 version.

    1. Queues don’t actually do anything
      That I run powerarchiver starter as admin, or without admin.

    Then I queue some files, and most of the files take forever, to go from 1% to 2%

    and let’s say if the 5th of total 10 files are stuck that should mean the other 4 should be completed, but no, the directories are just like that.

    Using Queue feature makes the Powerarchiver to process and compress files, but the PA archives do no appear, neither the disk’s total used space changes.

    However if I manually compress files without queuing, no matter if I run multiple compression or one by one, there’s always success.

    1. sometimes compression is stuck at certain percentage for a 50 or 200 MB file, forever.

    2. I want to speed up multiple compression, I find the batch compression feature useless, as I cannot configure any custom parameters or advanced option under PA archive format
      So, Let me save parameters(Advanced Option) of Profiles
      i) Either I should be able to customize PA Default profile, so I don’t have to select files and manually select profile, but not even single parameter can be saved
      ii) Or I should be able to create a new profile and be able to set that as default.
      It’s end of 2020 and I have been trying to reach Powerarchiver team to add this, but no one wants to listen or do anything.

    3. Refer case PA-FCW-TLNFM-096

    I still cannot save parameters under advanced options like DDL/EXE filter to delta, or PNG PDF Filter, or set zlib to 9 or dictionary size or experimental stuff.

    Soo many Revisions and versions released but I still cannot have a profile saved with whatever I want, be it existing or new profile.

    Don’t you guys at Powerarchiver labs get frustrated everytime you have to configure these parameters manually?

    When I stop an ongoing compression process, that is stuck or let’s say it’s not stuck but I click on cancel and then on No, it still continues compression for no reason.
    Just cancel it

    1. If I start compression and pause, the progress bar shortly(progresses) reaches to completion, but no compression is done, and then archive is stuck forever

    For all my claims above I have sent ticket today with screenshots from my registered email.

    1. if you can:
      Batch archive is good idea, but if I have multiple directories inside directories, then I want first child directory to have all of it’s subdirectory compressed to that same first child directory
      I have a folder in D:\pics
      that folder has following folder

    Each of the above folder has sub folder:

    I want those sub folders(black, white, colorful, fluffy) not to be compressed individually, but the cats, dogs and fishes folders to be compressed individually

  • conexware

    Hi @godlydevils
    Taking a look at these and will reply back with results


  • conexware

    hi @godlydevils
    We have done some tests and have sent a reply to your support ticket. There are some further questions there regarding testing scenarios.

    Also, if anyone else notices issues with compression when using queue, please let us know. b