Bug in PowerArchiver 2021 RC2

  • I need to report a bug in PowerArchiver 2021 RC2.

    When you open an archive file in PowerArchiver and you drag a folder from Windows Explorer into the PowerArchiver window, it will correctly detect that you want to add the folder along with anything in that folder. This is the proper functionality. However, when you drag a folder in Windows Explorer onto an archive file it will detect that you want to add something but it doesn’t detect it as a folder thus it adds nothing.

    I’ve recorded the steps in Windows 10’s Steps Recorder to reproduce this bug, you can download it on my web site at https://www.toms-world.org/PowerArchiver/steps.zip. You will have to open the compressed ZIP file and view the contained MHT file in Internet Explorer.

  • Also, when you open a registered version of PowerArchiver 2021 it’ll show up with the word “Unregistered” for a second or two before a refresh of the window which removes the text from the window’s titlebar text.

  • conexware

    thank you, @Mili will be checking it out!

  • conexware

    thanks very much @trparky, reproduced it and it has been logged in

  • conexware

    I’ve been attempting to reproduce the “unregistered” text appearing but I cannot. Does the text appear at the top title bar? Is it possible to send a screenshot of it?


  • @Mili

    It only shows up for a split second, you have to really be paying attention. If I had to hazard a guess, the code that loads the fact that it’s a registered version isn’t loaded early enough during the application initialization phase.

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