PA 2021 Registration Dialog menu option

  • Is there a menu or ribbon option or other UI for opening the PA 2021 registration dialog?

    Is there an easier way to access Help than opening the Configuration dialog?
    Why does File|Options open Configuration dialog and not Options dialog (or why isn’t the menu item named File|Configuration)? And why doesn’t the File | Options menu option have an ellipsis after it to indicate it opens a dialog?

  • conexware

    Hi @wilsonp

    F12 on the keyboard will also bring up the registration dialog in all interfaces. The Options tab in the Ribbon interface also contains the Register button. The modern interface registration is located in the Help menu only or F12.

    Each interface features a Help section, in the Classic interface it is part of the menu and the Help section is on the right side. Also, in Modern/Ribbon interfaces you will find the Help section in the top right corner of the PowerArchiver window, marked with a (?)

    Yes, we could change the File>Options menu to File>Configuration, would make more sense, thanks.

    Which ellipsis display are you referring to? In which interface? Please post a screenshot if possible.

    Thanks again!

  • The icons on the RHS of the title bar are very small and thin - I didn’t notice the help button there.

    In my Ribbon Interface under Options I don’t see a register button.


    Here is the File Menu - the Windows standard was for menu options that open dialogs to end in an ellipsis, but Options does not:


    Perhaps I should say never mind… the Ribbon doesn’t appear to follow that standard in Office in any case.


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