Extract to /example - BUG

  • Hello, when I try extract any files normally using option Extract to /example… It gives me few errors.

    PowerArchiver 2018

    Access violation at address 0000000001469193 in module ‘powerarc.exe’. Read of address 00000000000006C0.


    PowerArchiver 2018

    Access violation at address 0000000000663F38 in module ‘powerarc.exe’. Read of address 0000000000000008.


    Application Error

    Exception EReadError in module powerarc.exe at 00000000000B1642.

    Error reading tree.Checkboxes: The parameter is incorrect.



    Even title said 2018, I use newest 2021 20.00.44

    Any help?

    Loyal customer

  • conexware


    please try .45:

    If there is a problem still, can you send your exported PA settings to support at conexware dot com?
    It might be some setting that is making the bug show on your end while it works here, so we need to be able to reproduce it.


  • Hello!

    Even newest build have same problem. I sent my config to that address.

    Win 10 Enterprise 1909
    Build 18363.836

  • conexware

    Thanks for the reg settings.
    I have implemented the settings and the issue still does not reproduce unfortunately.
    Which folder on the hard drive are you extracting to?Does it need admin rights? Does the issue occur on all folder you attempt to extract to folder to?

    Will keep trying to reproduce

  • conexware

    fixed in .50
    thanks @Tumeez for your help!

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