PowerArchiver 2021 20.00.32

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    New version:


    Whats New:

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 20.00.32

    ** New features:

    • Added new Optimized Fast mode to ZIPX, that intelligently applies appropriate codec for your selected compression strenght.
    • Added support for ZSTD compression/extract in ZIPX. ZSTD has been featured in .PA format for a long time, it has faster compression, better compression ratio than Deflate but also a lot faster decompression. It is also supported by WinZip 24 so you have compatibility as well.

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-2566] - preview in non stick mode should not disappear on its own
    * [PA-2622] - add back hiding of sidebars and maybe closing them too?
    * [PA-2625] - nag screen with lifetime tbx offer
    * [PA-2627] - hide/close pins

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1397] - win+d and PowerArchiver window: does not work properly
    * [PA-2490] - 2020: alt+d minimize problem again
    * [PA-2542] - Incorrect Backup icon in ModernW10 Dark skin interface
    * [PA-2551] - New Encrypt/Opt/Remove options unavailable for RAR files
    * [PA-2569] - Uploading 10k files to cloud is very slow compared to uploading a single file
    * [PA-2583] - Canceling PA file compression freezes progress dialog
    * [PA-2592] - using encrypt in shell, shows error
    * [PA-2599] - PA freezes when extracting a corrupted archive, no error
    * [PA-2606] - turn off auto hide for preview window
    * [PA-2614] - skinning issues in .25
    * [PA-2629] - when no button text in editor bar, tooltips do not show
    * [PA-2630] - when we turn off tips in editors bar, then restart and turn them on, synedit tabs shows
    * [PA-2631] - in cloud mode, right explorer panel does not save “explorer display style”
    * [PA-2632] - starting openpgp keys shows error
    * [PA-2634] - when we view file in tab and click on “up”, file does not dissapear from view
    * [PA-2635] - can we add Explorer to the name of the tab when we are browsing hdd?
    * [PA-2637] - add .reg file support for editor
    * [PA-2640] - Config>Skins>Select Buttons dialog does not show buttons in W10
    * [PA-2641] - Folder treeview disappears after closing tab in file list
    * [PA-2642] - PA at bottom left after alt+d
    * [PA-2644] - PA 2019 caption shows in compress with options
    * [PA-2645] - wrong shell default set for compress to zip

    Thank you for reporting issues and your wishlists, keep it coming! @Alpha-Testers

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