[Bug / Feature Request] Integrate offline Virtual Drive into the PowerArchiver installer

  • Hi.

    I am currently using PowerArchiver Toolbox 20.00.02

    On the ‘Burner’ page in the software, PowerArchiver doesn’t download the Virtual Drive from the internet upon request. Please see the below GIF:


    As a workaround, as I am sure the Virtual Drive component shouldn’t occupy too much hard disk space (should be single digit MB in size), could you please integrate the offline component into the PowerArchiver installer to prevent future errors like this from happening?

    Thank you! :)

  • Alpha Testers

    Only as long as it’s not installed by default. It really messed up my PC last time I tried it so I prefer to use other software for this function.

  • conexware

    thanks @2Flo

    logging in the bug for fixing, and will see about implementing the installation inside the PA installer.

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