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  • I recently installed Windows 10 and I needed to install a working sound card driver… but doing the self extracting exe was not working… i needed to extract the files in the self extracting exe so i could follow the instruction for tis old sound driver
    but Powerarchiver wouldn’t extract all the folders in the self extracting exe
    it didn’t error or anything it just didn’t extract everything

    the file is SBA5_PCDRV_L11_3_01_0056B.exe and i got it from creative

    but Winrar had no issue with it

  • conexware

    @MrAngelus said in extracting issue:


    thanks @MrAngelus
    Downloading it and testing it to reproduce and will log in for fixing as necessary

  • conexware

    hi @MrAngelus
    Downloaded the archive and tested it using the latest PowerArchiver 2019. The extracted folders and files seemed to correspond with the files inside the exe archive when opened in PowerArchiver.
    Which folders did you find missing? Please let us know, we’ll take a closer look.

  • Sorry been busy with Christmas things I did an extract to subfolder with powerarchiver and this is what i get


  • however I do an extract to sub with winrar and it extracts correctly which you can see here


  • hope that explains it and this is with version 19.00.59

  • conexware

    hi @MrAngelus

    Thanks very much for the update. Was able to reproduce it now and am logging it in for fixing. PowerArchiver indeed does not show the files properly.

    Thanks again and have a great Christmas!

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