Tar.gz–"class not registered"

  • Hello Power Archivers:

    I have used PowerArchiver to extract zip and rar files and have never had a problem with it. Now I have a tar.gz file (never heard of these before). The gzip people tell us that in Windows we should use PowerArchiver to extract these files; PowerArchiver tells us that it extracts tar.gz files, but when I try to open this file with PowerArchiver I get the message: “class not registered”. The help files, as always, are no help (why is it not obvious to those who compile help files as it is to those who try to use them that they should explain error messages?). So how do I go about registering the tar.gz class?

    Stephen R

  • go to the options menu and then file formats then select what format u want and then assocciate now

  • conexware

    Are you using latest version 9.2. I think this bas was from version 9.0 - 9.1.

  • conexware

    Please update to PA 9.2, I believe this was an issue before we implemented new tar support (9.1? time flies fast).


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