PowerArchiver 2019 Cloud is one-stop application for multiple clouds

  • PowerArchiver 2019 Cloud has a great idea when it brings my various accounts together into a single system, giving me quick access to my disks.
    However, I still can not use any of the accounts. For example, OneDrive will not connect at all, while GoogleDrive will connect, but when creating a link to a file, it does not open access to the file, i.e. the link does not have access to the file. Other cloud accounts can not even be configured.

    OneDrive problem
    When I click on the OneDrive profile I am getting an error message that says:


    GoogleDrive problem
    I have uploaded a file into GoogleDrive through PowerArchiver Cloud.
    Then I received a link for that file (also through PowerArchiver Cloud).
    Here is that link:

    Now that link is working but it became that way only after I entered into GoogleDrive cloud via the web interface, chose that file, clicked on the “Get shareable link” button and turned on the on button. See the screen captures:
    screen capture 1
    screen capture 2

    There is a desire that PowerArchiver Cloud could independently enable the turn on option.

  • conexware

    Hi @Michael72

    thanks for the details!
    We have confirmed both issues and both are logged in for fixing/addressing.
    Not sure if PA will be able to set share setting to On, but the dev team will check it out.
    Thanks for letting us know.

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