Running PA 2019.00.39 maximized in Win 10 Home

  • I like my PA to start running Maximized, whether from a pinned taskbar icon, a desktop shortcut, or the Win 10 A-Z lefthand menu.

    All my Properties are set to Maximized, and everything else in the taskbar, desktop or menu that I want to open thus, does so. However, since the last update, and after resetting to Defaults because of the FIPS problem, PA will not start except in a Minimized screen.

    I’d welcome any suggestions, as I’ve worked through all the customary Windows “fixes” for this, but without success.

  • conexware

    can you send your HKCU\Software\PowerArchiverInt settings (as .ini) to and let us try to reproduce here… for me it starts either in Maximized or Restore state, depending on last used, never in minimized.


  • conexware

    thanks @PA_Fan
    We have detected the issue and are working on fixing it. Have made improvements on it in .40, where it works fine now when in the new W10 interface. Fixing modern toolbar and classic will be fixed as well.

  • conexware

    should work fine now in .41

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • @Mili Thanks for update. PA once again opens in its full glory.

  • conexware

    haha, nice to hear!
    thanks for the assist :)

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