PA2019b30 Backup Progress Display Issues

  • Alpha Testers

    Sigh, this is an old problem we had with PA2018 as I do remember reporting it.

    Vivaldi Backup PBS set to
    Format: “PA recommended” or “7-ZIP recommended”
    Backup Type: Full
    Method: Optimize Fast
    Compression: Maximum

    I just get “Back to “filename” started at “time”” Anyway there are no “compressing” … entries scrolling by BUT if I change to “ZIP recommended” they appear to work

    BTW, pressing Stop while things are in progress isn’t smooth at all

  • conexware

    Just like in PA 2018, we cant have filenames displaying in 7z or PA formats, threading issues arise from using many threads and it causes a crash in 1/100 situations.

  • Alpha Testers


    Ok, can we have a pinned topic so others know as well?

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