YEnc Decoder

  • It looks like PowerArchiver will encode yEnc file but NOT decode them–-at least I haven’t gotten it to.
    Anyone know if it will or should?
    Also has anyone found a better yEnc decoder than yEnc32.exe?

    unfortunately Newgroups still use yEnc extensively although god only knows WHY!

  • Yenc support was added in PA8.50 (see whatsnew.txt).

    It “recognises” Yenc files using file extension “ntx”.

    Can you give more details of your problem with decoding?
    I just tried to encode and then decode a jpg (using PA 9.2 beta) - worked fine :confused:

  • Hi Terry,

    What I’m looking at (Saved attachments files from a Newsgrooup) are a series of files with .001, .002, .003 extensions and then some .par2 files which verify the series. These are not proper RAR files as you might think from the numbered extension but in fact yEnc encoded files.

    When all the parts are complete the various Newsreaders will automatically decode them. If a part is incomplete and I have to use something like Quickpar to repair one of the numbered files using the downloaded .par2** file–-That is where I have problems. At that point the Newsreader itself in not going to decompress the series and the only stand-alone decompressor I have that understands these files–yEnc32.exe is old, no longer supported and doesn’t seem to work on current yEnc encoded files.

    **and that is the purpose of these .par2 file–to repair incomplete segments.

    So far I haven’t found that PA–I’m using PA9 has any ability with these files—not even the ones a newsreader like NewsRover or Agent Forte is able to decompresses successfully.

    When you’re looking at a series of files with a .ntx extension are they .nt1, .nt2, .nt3 because Newgroup attachment in a series generally all have the same filename with a discrete numbered extension as I describe above…eg., file.001, file.002, file.003…etc
    renaming the series to file1.ntx, file2.ntx, file3.ntx results in
    “unknown.001” error when loaded into PA9
    renameing the series to file.nt1, file.nt2, file.nt3 results in
    “unrecognized compression format” error

    And again:
    This is simply the Defacto standard compression format for Newsgroup files with compressed attachments. It’s archiac but that’s what you get.

  • conexware

    So basically what you are saying is that PA 9.2 does not support these file.001 yENC files?

    What we could do is check it out for 9.5 and add support for it? I know how newsgroups work, people posting love simply changing the rules of the game all the time :-).


  • I’d be glad to check out PA9.5 from this end although I have no idea where to locate that verson–assume it’s an internal beta.

    BTW. PA9 2 does offer to encode yEnc files. I don’t know that the yEnc compression standard has changed but the .par verification files have. The new .par2 files will not process with legacy versions of Quickpar or Smartpar. Trying to find “current” yEnc ecode/decode details on the WWW is like looking for hens teeth in a chicken coop.

    I consider PA to be a forerunner in PC file compression Applicatons and with a resurgence of Newsgroups–now being used for Filesharing more than community correspondence–I wonder why folks don’t use more current and mainstream compression technology.

  • @streetskater:

    I’d be glad to check out PA9.5 from this end although I have no idea where to locate that verson–assume it’s an internal beta.

    Current release version is 9.2 - 9.5 will be the next release version.

    I think/hope this was a :p

    Regarding PAR2 & Yenc files - I don’t know.
    Maybe your newsgroup has a FAQ which covers this?

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