Problem creating .cab [in 9.20.07]

  • This may not be related to the other .cab problems with 9.20.06, but I had this problem with that version too. Is there a size limit on cab files? Otherwise I have no idea. I’ve tried using the .rar converter, which completed without error…except that there was no .cab file present when it finished. So I manually extracted the files, then just tried making a .cab with them the usual way (selecting the folder)…again, it goes through the motions but there’s no file present at the end. The total size of the folder is ~2.7 gig uncompressed.

  • the probem might be ralated to the cab you have or the files your using what are they can u plaese give more details. no poaint telling us if we can not check it out in case its machine specific

  • conexware


    2 GB is the maximum size for CAB files, so yes, there is an limit there. Try using 7zip for best compression.


  • Alright, the 2GB ceiling is what was killing me there, my bad. :D

    Small recommendation from this, is there a way to insert a warning about the size? It seems silly to allow PA to go thru ~2 hours of compression only to poop out at the end and leave you with no error message, no .cab file, and no clue in general.

  • conexware

    Unfortunatly I dont think we can - cab compression is always done via cabinet.dll which is supplied by MS and its development has stopped long, long time ago.


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