File search not work for unicode chars and not work in subfolders

  • PowerArchiver 2018 is a perfect software, and I like it.
    I hope it can improve searching function. In newest version, it can’t search file name which include Unicode or
    those files in subfolders compressed, this is one very useful for file manager.

  • conexware

    Hello @lbren

    The search function works as such that it requires the extension of the file to be entered when searching. When searching for a file, make sure to enter the extension of it, such as “filename.jpg” instead of searching for “filename”
    I have tested on files with unicode characters and it seems to work fine here.

    Please let us know if it works fine for you when using the extensions to search.

    Also, we’ll see if we can improve the search function to not have to use the extensions to search.

    Thanks for letting us know

  • Thanks for you reply.
    I have tested searching function again with the extension of the file, it’s work, but result is individual file only, can’t list all files with key words, and the function to find next not work yet.

  • conexware

    Thanks very much @lbren
    We have noted all of your suggestions and have logged them in for the dev team to see once they start working on it.

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