Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.50/53/56/57

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    New version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.57
    Download Windows Installer:
    Download Portable Installer:

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.57

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1833] - adding files from UNC paths fails in .56
    * [PA-1836] - XP: Default skin should be classic in first install dialog

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.56

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1719] - Remove office icons text from Skins dropdown in menu
    * [PA-1776] - Cloud missing from modern interface
    * [PA-1779] - Increase padding in file list to compensate for text growing under high dpi
    * [PA-1781] - Improve shortcuts in modern interface - update shortcut letters
    * [PA-1782] - Password Manager should ask to save passwords during encryption as well
    * [PA-1784] - Define default icon set for each skin with office icons set for lighter skins
    * [PA-1785] - Add OpenPGP Key Manager to tools menu in Modern UI
    * [PA-1787] - Favorites button in Add screen - keep Edit always on top
    * [PA-1791] - Backup: Change Create to new in Backup Menu
    * [PA-1794] - Backup: make Configure clouds button unavailable when Sent to Cloud not checked
    * [PA-1825] - Change position of reset/set as default in make sfx
    * [PA-1767] - Modern ui: alt+enter show properties like in classic
    * [PA-1768] - Clarify in help file how to force classic interface for enterprise users
    * [PA-1797] - Associate .SGN files with PA

    ** New Feature
    * [PA-1777] - Modern UI: Add Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Pictures to the Extract button drop-down.

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1683] - New tabs do not show files on HDD when selected to show in View options
    * [PA-1769] - Remove saved password button does not remove - Remove All works
    * [PA-1770] - List view does not show folders properly when moving from folder to folder
    * [PA-1772] - Encrypt Tool adds file extension to suffix but it shouldnt
    * [PA-1780] - Delete FTP profile does not work in FTP quick connect
    * [PA-1798] - 18.00.53 License without codec pack - PA format works
    * [PA-1804] - shell: set as default in make exe does not save setting
    * [PA-1812] - explorer View is always Large Icons after restarting PA
    * [PA-1815] - in .55 - error writting to file when compressing mp3 into PA format
    * [PA-1817] - explorer view: zips open in both left and right panel
    * [PA-1819] - Archives should open in new tab when opening them in explorer view
    * [PA-1820] - Portable - Toolbox registers as PRO - Burner tab missing in Toolbox version
    * [PA-1822] - Importing PSF2 skin does not work when in modern interface
    * [PA-1823] - closing empty tab destroys folder view treeview in other tabs

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.50

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1530] - tabing in ftp mode - focus on buttons?
    * [PA-1715] - debug version of packmp3c with jojpeg
    * [PA-1716] - .pa: wav compression step at extreme changes (optimization for better compression)
    * [PA-1724] - remove admin requirement from portable installer
    * [PA-1734] - modern/ribbon ui: ctrl+L should close archive
    * [PA-1738] - change default compression level to Normal for PA and Zip formats when creating new compression profile
    * [PA-1741] - Associate .scs files with PowerArchiver for extraction - PA already opens it
    * [PA-1742] - tab in ftp should go from username to password
    * [PA-1744] - when we select pro user interface in first screen, PA should use office icons in modern toolbar
    * [PA-1746] - sfx wizard: first archive folder should be my documents
    * [PA-1751] - update 7z.dll’s to latest versions
    * [PA-1756] - Add Set as default SFX buttons to Make EXE option

    ** Task
    * [PA-1700] - new MSI setups for 2018 with built in offline help files
    * [PA-1731] - PA Mount shell extension asks for PAVD2017 instead of PAVD2018

    ** New Feature
    * [PA-858] - add special .wav mode for optimized fast to improve compression by 25%
    * [PA-1135] - (pa2018) implement new mp3 codec with jpeg compression (album art) for ultra and extreme modes

    ** Bug
    * [PA-495] - SFX Wizard dialog improvements - improvements and text cut off
    * [PA-778] - Backup Tab: Icons missing for custom skin
    * [PA-868] - SFX Wizard: password protection not working
    * [PA-1018] - Default compression should be Normal when creating PA compression profile?
    * [PA-1627] - Unmount VD moves to PowerArchiver shell submenu instead of staying in main
    * [PA-1639] - Cannot CTRL V into main PA extract window password prompt
    * [PA-1687] - FTP entrance fields Tab order not correct
    * [PA-1722] - new MSI version installer asks to run PA 2017 instead of 2018
    * [PA-1723] - Offline Help does not appear in MSI version
    * [PA-1727] - Backup tab icons show modern icons when original selected
    * [PA-1728] - Favorites dialog does not save column sizes
    * [PA-1729] - Compress & Encrypt option does not work properly
    * [PA-1730] - Remove .zip extension from PAE2 filename when using Compress & Encrypt
    * [PA-1736] - Compression profiles not working in Converter and Batch tools
    * [PA-1737] - Span size dropdown empty for PA format in Config>Compression profiles
    * [PA-1739] - Virtual Drive: Mount/Unmount shell options issues
    * [PA-1740] - Filters not working in Backup and main PA
    * [PA-1745] - sfx wizard: creating password protected archives
    * [PA-1749] - Portable: cannot register with unicode letters in name
    * [PA-1750] - Full path location always used even when relative checked
    * [PA-1754] - SFX Wizard: Default unzip to folder dropdown is empty
    * [PA-1755] - Extra dialog in SFX wizard before compression begins

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.53

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1679] - create lepton with -validate built in
    * [PA-1735] - restore window size too wide
    * [PA-1743] - Add Skin selection to the first config window
    * [PA-1747] - checkout creates invalid shortcut to exe file
    * [PA-1759] - 18.00.50: pabackup.exe always in english

    ** Task
    * [PA-1760] - changes for the nag screen

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1757] - Remove X from “New Tab” marker
    * [PA-1762] - PA does not extract ISO via shell - works via main PA
    * [PA-1765] - Label56 shows in backup when skins used

    Whats New

    • Changes and updates based on first official release - PA 2018 18.00.48.
    • There was security vulnerability reported in 7z and fixed few weeks ago. This specific issue was due to unrar implementation and has not impacted PowerArchiver since we use our own unrar code. We have updated 7z.dll’s for other improvements and fixes nevertheless.
    • Some usability improvements from .48, for instance restore window size.
    • Lots of small improvements to Modern UI including new features and shortcuts overhaul.
    • You can now save default settings in Make SFX and SFX Maker.

    Thanks to everyone for testing!

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    @Alpha-Testers updated with build .56… Patchbeam will be available in few hours, details have been updated above. Thank you for your feedback!

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    @Alpha-Testers small update to .57… thank you!

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