PGP Keys

  • I’ve had this issue for awhile now (ever since they added PGP support) but the key info some how gets truncated so it doesn’t have the full name when imported. It’s the only PGP “program” that I have used that doesn’t correctly import the keys. It still has not been resolved even in the latest build and I was just wondering what the status of the fix is.

  • conexware

    Hi @bigdog

    We recently bumped the bug report for the dev team to do their best to implement the improvement as soon as possible.

    I have confirmed that your previous reports through support are attached to the bug report in the dev stream and we will let you know once the fix is implemented and we’ll send you a version to test out and confirm. I’ve also added this thread to it.

    Apologies for the delay, plenty of stuff being worked on and PGP should come up soon.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  • Thanks, I appreciate that

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