Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.41/43/44/45/46/48

  • conexware

    New version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.41/43/44/45/46/48
    Download Windows Installer:
    Download Portable Installer:

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.41

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1529] - explorer file list - use full refresh instead of smart
    * [PA-1569] - CD burning at 8x, more speeds (other than 48x thats default)
    * [PA-1577] - modern/ribbon ui: add button enabled when no archive open
    * [PA-1578] - expand ftp profiles screen
    * [PA-1589] - modern/ribbon ui: force office icons for rest of the interface
    * [PA-1590] - remove & from tab in backup in translations
    * [PA-1592] - update preview mode icon
    * [PA-1594] - modern/ribbon ui: translate help dropdown
    * [PA-1602] - ftp: extend folder dropdown to max height, resize with window size?
    * [PA-1604] - ftp: set default timeout to 300
    * [PA-1607] - ftp: show entering default folder cmd from profile and error if it does not work
    * [PA-1608] - ftp: add help button that goes to default ftp help page for more info for users
    * [PA-1609] - ftp: changing protocol in toolbar should update port as well
    * [PA-1611] - set minimum size for PA main window
    * [PA-1612] - ftp: queue window improvements
    * [PA-1621] - enterprise install: remove toolbar customization options when ftp/burner/etc are hidden
    * [PA-1630] - new icons for queue
    * [PA-1633] - add more buttons to office skin
    * [PA-1635] - ftp: add larger icon options (24/32px) to the ftp queue toolbar
    * [PA-1636] - add hints to left explorer bar buttons
    * [PA-1643] - disable 2 row toolbar on archive and explorer bars

    ** Task
    * [PA-1591] - build new setup for PA 2017 x86 with updated shell extensions
    * [PA-1593] - create portable x86 and x64 versions of PowerArchiver 2018

    ** New Feature
    * [PA-1564] - improved modern/ribbon look, new features, icons

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1519] - Add New Tab option to modern interface
    * [PA-1556] - small aligment issue in add window
    * [PA-1557] - FTP: PA not responding when D&D files from FTP in 34
    * [PA-1573] - cant exit ftp mode without disconnecting first
    * [PA-1576] - burn files interface: text not aligned
    * [PA-1579] - modern: preview button does not show as turned on when PA first started
    * [PA-1580] - Align buttons in Backup final screen
    * [PA-1581] - Backup: scheduling options screen alignement
    * [PA-1582] - Set minimum window size for Backup
    * [PA-1585] - Access Violation error appears when clicking Burn in Audio Burner
    * [PA-1586] - Modern: View tab dropdowns do not show any checkmarks
    * [PA-1601] - ftp: if we turn off passive mode, we cant turn it on again
    * [PA-1610] - issues with deflate64 checkbox
    * [PA-1613] - ftp: overwriting files does not work
    * [PA-1615] - ftp: queue has internal limit of 1000 files
    * [PA-1616] - modern/ribbon ui: ftp, backup startup in maximized mode - start in non-maximized state and then maximize
    * [PA-1617] - ftp: serverselector starts empty, does not populate server info. Profile dropdown works.
    * [PA-1622] - ftp: resizing right ftp panel, icons drop to 2nd row
    * [PA-1623] - ftp: passive button does not save set for specific profile after we restart PA
    * [PA-1624] - ftp: main toolbar, make port edit box smaller
    * [PA-1625] - ftp: Passive hint has & inside
    * [PA-1626] - Config: extend text string in shell section
    * [PA-1631] - Button text does not fit in some buttons in config of French version
    * [PA-1632] - a dropdown in German version config, overlaps text just a bit
    * [PA-1634] - Config: extend text string in shell section just a bit more
    * [PA-1638] - Cannot double click to open PA format file when previewing it in main PA

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.43

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1654] - add “office” skin icon for folders in folders bar
    * [PA-1655] - modern ui: explorer mode does not stay in modern if we restart PA
    * [PA-1660] - disable 2nd row for left panel toolbar in explorer mode
    * [PA-1663] - new icon for backup mode (office skin)

    ** Task
    * [PA-996] - No start button in Virtual Drive >DVD to ISO

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1218] - Image burner throws AV error on Burn button when no drive
    * [PA-1349] - 2018 - DVD to ISO is not showing DVD drive - in VD app
    * [PA-1393] - burner: AVs with wrong settings
    * [PA-1552] - text missing in virtual drive (…restart)
    * [PA-1603] - explorer mode: left panel toolbar icons dissapear during resize
    * [PA-1628] - VD: create drive on restart text incomplete
    * [PA-1644] - progress text hidden in extract progress bar when using skins
    * [PA-1650] - Portable: Paburntools not registered
    * [PA-1651] - Portable and Main PA versions use the same settings
    * [PA-1656] - if we turn on “use explorer only inside archive” with folders bar, it leaves folders bar populated with folders (instead of empty)
    * [PA-1658] - turn off “use explorer only in archives” and main listview does not update with contents of the hdd, only folders bar
    * [PA-1662] - Modern changes to Classic when changing from burner tab down to Explorer tab

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.44

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1673] - portable: use office icons in modern for rest of the interface
    * [PA-1674] - separation line showing in toolbar for unregistered PA

    ** Task
    * [PA-1504] - updated translation files (.pas)
    * [PA-1595] - check ftp timeout and startup folder

    ** Bug
    * [PA-993] - FTP does not connect when manually inputing protocols over profile settings
    * [PA-1409] - specific zipx profile does not work
    * [PA-1510] - Converting encrypted PA archives does not work
    * [PA-1669] - French version: Text does not fit in buttons in nag and registration screen
    * [PA-1675] - troubleshoot online activation on certain computers

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.45

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1587] - fix & showing in backup (&online) in german translation
    * [PA-1598] - add ability to paste into ftp connection fields
    * [PA-1688] - return of the yellow icon for main PA and shell to mark “gold” release of 2018

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1588] - copy and paste via keyboard (ctrl+c/v) do not work in modern toolbar interface
    * [PA-1646] - .pa format: compatibility between 2017 and 2018 jpeg compression
    * [PA-1657] - modern ui: ctrl+c, ctrl+v do not work in archive mode
    * [PA-1671] - PowerArchiver 2017 still shows in start menu after updating to 2018 (Windows 7 and before)
    * [PA-1676] - online/offline registration in internal build .44

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.46

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1678] - patchbeam improvement: use both full and patch updates, depending on version user has
    * [PA-1691] - updated images for first config window
    * [PA-1694] - update translations to latest versions

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.48

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1713] - .pa format: lepton and lepton2 update
    * [PA-1714] - .pa format: add rep1 to the wav compression step
    * [PA-1718] - config: skin listing has & in name

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1692] - office icons shown twice in config: interface skin selection
    * [PA-1693] - first config screen text cut off
    * [PA-1698] - Unknown Button in customize classic toolbar menu
    * [PA-1702] - Pasting in explorer mode via CTRL + V pastes twice
    * [PA-1704] - modern toolbar: changing option in config, PA restarts in classic toolbar
    * [PA-1705] - PA resets to Classic with Office icons every time config options are changed and OK’d in Modern interface
    * [PA-1706] - Highlight Archives color is always white
    * [PA-1709] - Modern Toolbar is cut off in Windows 7/8 when starting PA maximized
    * [PA-1710] - Find Archives progress text does not appear correctly
    * [PA-1711] - Password policies length goes into negatives in config settings
    * [PA-1712] - Modern ribbon APPDATE information creates folder with bad name

    Whats New:

    • More updates to the FTP Client.
    • New Portable installation, first for PA 2018.
    • Fix for Dvd to Iso functionality
    • Modern UI improved.
    • Start of Patchbeam Updates (full installer not needed every time).
    • Better handling of PA 2017 old installation shortcuts and program group.
    • Reworked how ctrl+c/v are implemented in new interface, now it works everywhere properly.
    • Compatibility between PA 2017 and PA 2018 lepton .jpg compression.
    • Updated translations
    • Improved update system for the future versions (will use patches or full installer depending on installed version).
    • Improvements to .pa format
    • Important fix for Modern Toolbar on Win7/8
    • Various smaller fixes
    • Other smaller changes and updates, on the road to the 2018 Final release.

    Original Thread:

    PowerArchiver Team

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers updated with latest build at top - 18.00.43… more info to come later. Thanks!

    Also PAVD has been updated and is available via Patchbeam. It has fix for disc to image (.ISO) functionality.

  • Hello.

    In the build 18.00.43. In the “configuration options”, “Auto Update”/“Plugins” not working. If i click on, there is nothing.

  • conexware

    Hello @ffm76600

    Which part exactly is not working and how? We would like to be able to reproduce so that we may fix it.


  • Hello Mili.

    See Uploaded Images.

    When I click on “Auto Update” or “Plugins” menu, there is nothing.

    1_1521735568494_Sans titre.jpg 0_1521735568492_pa1.jpg

  • conexware

    Thanks for posting the pictures @ffm76600

    I see that you are using the Portable version and I think those options aren’t available there, I will check.
    The non portable, main version, will have those options active.
    Were you attempting to use the main or portable versions?

    Thanks for letting us know so that we can fix/improve it.

  • conexware

    @ffm76600 @Mili these are indeed disabled since they are not applicable to portable version (cant update portable version via patchbeam, it means it would have to install something to the system).

  • Thanks for answers :slightly_smiling_face: .

    Yes I use the portable version and i confirm “Auto Update” and “Plugins” options are active in the main version.

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers bump for version .44… it is going to be on PB in 30m or so…

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers Built .45 is up, will be on PB in next 10 minutes… updated Whats New in first post. Thank you!

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers updated to .46, up on Patchbeam now… Whats New listed in first post. Thanks!

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers updated to .48 via Patchbeam, all changes in the Whats New above.

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