Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.31/32

  • conexware

    New version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.32 - BETA 2.

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.31

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1317] - zip: cant extract specific file, either long filename or special characters
    * [PA-1441] - show compress with options even if compress to zip is disabled
    * [PA-1451] - Ask to save edited file in archive when PA is closed on X or Exit
    * [PA-1453] - Ask to save edited files in archive: add Yes to All, No to All to the prompt
    * [PA-1459] - change join tool icon in all icon sets for classic toolbar
    * [PA-1462] - Detect encryption when adding files to encrypted archives
    * [PA-1466] - comment panel - save options (position, size, minimized)
    * [PA-1468] - install tool blocks PA when 2nd file run
    * [PA-1469] - creating new archive - changing to zipx methods does not change extension
    * [PA-1472] - “notification platform not available” error at PA startup
    * [PA-1473] - disable moving of log window
    * [PA-1480] - use maximum for default zip shell extension profile
    * [PA-1495] - user\roaming has ribbon sdk folders for each PA app. Move them to roaming\Conexware?
    * [PA-1498] - add support for password manager use when adding new files to the archive
    * [PA-1499] - support shell extensions in onedrive folder

    ** Bug
    * [PA-977] - comment button missing when using toolbar skins
    * [PA-1058] - Interface not shown correctly after closing archive
    * [PA-1124] - Compress w Options disappears when less than 2 shell options selected
    * [PA-1181] - 170103 throws AV error when extracting and compressing PA format via shell in XP
    * [PA-1254] - encrypt files screen overlapping buttons at 125dpi, even when maximized
    * [PA-1260] - archive view with folders: startup filelist empty window
    * [PA-1280] - preview: click on file 2nd time, error shows
    * [PA-1286] - (PA 2018) Queue does not work?
    * [PA-1307] - explorer mode: close archive in right panel and it will not show files on disk anymore
    * [PA-1341] - PA and 7Z formats throw AV error when compressing files on WinXP and Win7 x86 systems
    * [PA-1355] - navigating file list by letter, pa shows AV
    * [PA-1359] - - preview: click on file 2nd time, error shows
    * [PA-1370] - closing on ftp tab, command prompt window appears on next PA start
    * [PA-1423] - preview set to None by default for supported file types
    * [PA-1430] - PA Crashes when clicking Open Button and browsing HDD
    * [PA-1434] - opening several archives after each other and access violation shows at exit
    * [PA-1437] - PA freezes when switching tabs and PDF in preview
    * [PA-1445] - when toolbar aligned to the bottom, 1. config align to the top, 2. reset defaults do not work
    * [PA-1447] - config> ftp> connection, Explorer text cut off
    * [PA-1450] - right click on file in archive, Open With> Chose program does not work
    * [PA-1455] - ZIPX archives throw InvalidPointer error after using Archive Comments
    * [PA-1456] - “Show comments when opening archive” does not show comments when opening archive
    * [PA-1457] - File format extension (zip/zipx) does not change accordingly in add window
    * [PA-1460] - Remember checked options in Checkout dialog
    * [PA-1461] - No comfirmation dialog when updating file inside archive
    * [PA-1463] - Expand comment box in main PA
    * [PA-1464] - updating file inside archive, clicking on PA window X
    * [PA-1470] - Enc. password security status shows incorrectly when entering password
    * [PA-1474] - Password security policies text not fully showing
    * [PA-1475] - Detected encrypted file asks for password again
    * [PA-1477] - Archive comment expansion not reset in .reg
    * [PA-1482] - 2018 PA Cloud download/upload progress bar says 2017
    * [PA-1488] - 1st character select does not always work
    * [PA-1489] - select buttons in config does not work
    * [PA-1490] - PPM(password manager) not saving/reading password correctly for ZIP - issue when updating
    * [PA-1491] - Batch Tool: Add files/folders buttons show in progress dialog during compression
    * [PA-1492] - password profile password is visible during creation of profile
    * [PA-1497] - Batch: Browse button still shows in progress dialog
    * [PA-1500] - archive to ftp to explorer mode, small ftp window shows up
    * [PA-1501] - in modern toolbar, ftp, burner, backup modes: language list empty under options, select language
    * [PA-1502] - ftp disconnect button sometimes missing from the toolbar

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.32

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1513] - add new tab option to new button dropdown
    * [PA-1515] - add dots to folder button in locations config
    * [PA-1516] - set minimum size for favorites folder, move options button one pixel to the left

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1503] - explorer mode: files and folders mixed up
    * [PA-1508] - multiple checkboxes with checked state in ftp protocol dropdown
    * [PA-1511] - aligment issue in about box
    * [PA-1512] - right align proxy info
    * [PA-1517] - Button overlap in Favorites dialog when window size reduced
    * [PA-1518] - Browse buttons in config missing “…”

    Whats New:

    • Implemented better comments support - ZIP comments are now better supported in 2018 with nice new comment window.
    • Support for editing archives inside archives - You can now edit and save changes in archives inside archives. So open up an ZIP file with ZIP file inside and it will open up in a new tab, and you will be able to edit and save changes to files inside (works on all supported formats)
    • Better archive updating support - Updating multiple archives in multiple tabs now works better.
    • Updated Lepton/jpeg engine - Lepton team solved some issues with certain non-standard jpeg images, implemented latest version in PA format (thanks!).
    • Smarter handling of encrypted archives - Better/Smarter adding/updating/working with files inside encrypted archives when advanced features such as password manager, password profiles are used as well as easier updating of encrypted archives in general.
    • Solved several AV’s related to the interface - Solved all reported AV’s and exceptions related to the interface.
    • Better support for Windows XP shell - Solved several issues with compressing/extracting from PA and 7z files in Windows XP via Windows Explorer (Shell). Overall rewrote shell support for all systems for better stability.
    • Other Improvements and Fixes - Various other fixes, overall 57 issues closed. <a href=“” target="_blank">For the full list go to our forums.
    • Better sorting between files and folders in file lists in PowerArchiver (build .32)

    Thanks for reporting issues, from now on, please report them all into independent threads on our Tech support section:

  • conexware

    @Alpha-Testers build 18.00.32 fixed several smaller issues and one important one - displaying files and folders together in external file lists and explorer modes. This now works perfectly. Thank you!

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