PA 18.00.24 - Comments, hangs and folder deletes

  • A few oddities, that seem to have cropped up again.

    1. Comments do not show when opening a commented .zipx archive. Are these shown automatically and, if so, where? Attached screenshot of bottom right of archive in case something should be there, but moving around that area doesn’t, for example, pop up anything.
    2. As with previous versions, using the Advanced Add window to move files from a folder has the effect of deleting the folder when the last file is moved to .zipx archive. This doesn’t happen with the “Non-Advanced” window i.e. the files are emptied from the source folder, but the folder remains.
    3. Invalid Pointer Error being returned (see screenshot) quite regularly. I am as yet unable to discern a pattern.

    I think it’s been noted elsewhere, but in the About window PA 24 is shown as 23, although the powerarc.exe file version is correctly shown as 24 in Properties>Details.
    1_1513591706937_pa-error.JPG 0_1513591706936_pa-comment.JPG

  • conexware

    Hi @PA_Fan

    many thanks for these!
    We were able to reproduce the error on a zipx file and it has been logged in for fixing.
    We also reproduced the issue where the archive comments are not showing when opening archive, even though the corresponding box has been check to show in the Action>Archive comments window.
    That has also been logged in for fixing.

    We tested the folder delete scenario you described and in both cases the folders are being deleted. Both when using the Adv. Add window and the regular add window.
    How are you adding the folder to the add window tracklist exactly? We’ll try the same.

    Thanks again!

  • On the Add problem.

    When using “simple” Add (Move command) the following happens:-
    a) If the folder is selected, then the files in it are moved and the folder is deleted.
    b) However, if the individual files within the folder are selected, either in one pass (e.g. 3 files in folder selected at once), or one by one (i.e. select file1, move it, then file2 and so on), the folder is emptied of the moved files, but is NOT deleted.
    In the Advanced scenario,:-
    a) Selecting the folder Moves the files and the folder is deleted (as per a) in “Simple” above).
    b) If all the files are selected at once (each box checked), or one by one, then on the last check of a file box, the folder box in lefthand window is also checked. The files are then moved and the folder deleted.

    In summary:-

    • selecting the folder in the Move operation in either Advanced or “Simple” Add will move the files and delete their folder as well.
    • in “Simple” mode, selecting all the files in the folder, either en masse or individually, will Move them to the archive, but leave their empty source folder on disk.
    • the same approach in Advanced mode will always result in the folder being checked and deleted when ALL files in it have been selected and moved (but not if, for example, the folder contains 3 files of which 2 are selected and moved, leaving 1 untouched-which is as expected).
      Bear in mind this is all when working on .zipx archives, so the Move operation isn’t relevant to, for example, .cab archives or others which don’t support this.

  • conexware

    @PA_Fan Hello - please check .25:
    New version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.25

    It shows comments in new panel at the bottom (when selected) and error should be fixed too.

    As to the Advanced Add window - I guess the problem is with checkbox control and its automatic selection of folder when all files are selected. Thats probably how it works and in all other situations it makes sense except for when moving files, since it selects the folder automatically, engine removes the folder. We will see what we can do, not sure if we can do something about it. @mili will write it up.


  • @spwolf It’s looking good with .25.

    The comments are showing fine.

    I understand the problem with Advanced>Move when using zip/zipx. I suppose the only way around it would be to “interrupt” the implicit upwards file to folder check and implied delete, by a “Delete folder Y/N” to reverse the check from folder back to files. Even if possible, it could be considered overkill, and it may be just something to live with.

    I’ve tried various things like changing folder properties to RO, but that doesn’t do anything.

    The next thing I’ll be addressing in a separate topic are some of the skinning features. That should keep me out of the way and occupied over Christmas and Boxing Day.

    Season’s Greetings to all at Powerarchiver.

  • conexware

    there were some improvements to comments in .29 as well. Thanks!

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