Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Encrypted With 128bits A Zip File Usando .pae Extension.
    But I Forgot The Password!!!
    There Some Tool That Can Break De Password? Please I Need Those Files!!!
    Please If Someone Know Some Tool Or Method To Crack The Password Please!!! Help-me!

  • Sorry…


    Please note that it is very IMPORTANT that you do not forget your password. You will NOT be able to use the file if you forget the password. There is no way you can recover a forgotten PAE password.

  • there is nothing that can do this as pae is the highest encryption around

  • If you have an idea of the length of the password (eg. between 5 and 8 characters) along with a range of characters that were used for the password (eg. A-Z letters and 0-9 digits), then it’s possible to write a script using the command-line version of PA (ie. PACL) to brute-force try all possible combinations.

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