Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.24/25/27/29

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    New version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.29 - BETA

    List of changes since 18.00.16 Preview build.

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.29

    ** Story
    * [PA-1203] - (PA 2018) 4 stage skinning system
    * [PA-1308] - PDF Viewer for PowerArchiver

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1113] - uac support in main add window (works already through shell)
    * [PA-1232] - Add .PA format as file type to Tools (2017)
    * [PA-1266] - (2018) - toolbar icons shown under Skins too, all skins shown under format icon selection
    * [PA-1305] - bring PA window to front when opening archive and reuse windows is on
    * [PA-1368] - Add ASM and EML to text files step
    * [PA-1382] - help menu under ribbon
    * [PA-1385] - cut text at 125 dpi in 18.00.17
    * [PA-1389] - add windows 10 notification when user clicks on Minimize in progress not just minimize to tray
    * [PA-1391] - File> Clouds> options
    * [PA-1394] - when PA imports old settings, all the windows get scrambled, can we not import window settings but do everything else?
    * [PA-1395] - after creating new compression profile, cant pick format
    * [PA-1404] - modern/ribbon: missing save/restore, add them under Configuration button as dropdown or as separate small buttons?
    * [PA-1417] - Open archive that is inside archive in a new tab
    * [PA-1418] - add join archive to the tools toolbar in ribbon
    * [PA-1435] - return view bar as default setting in both novice and advanced users and reset to default

    ** Task
    * [PA-1121] - paes, pabackup - implement 7z multicore fix
    * [PA-1405] - update lepton2.exe’s
    * [PA-1406] - .18 ribbon cant close on X, pa has to be closed via task manager

    ** Bug
    * [PA-863] - portable: uac at start?
    * [PA-1104] - (2018) can’t delete/update file from an archive that is inside an archive (zip)
    * [PA-1236] - Update Archive dialog appears twice for PA format
    * [PA-1239] - Passwords Saved not showing in config
    * [PA-1309] - png viewer: 3 buttons without hint
    * [PA-1310] - pdf: clicking on pdf to preview, then changing to png and clicking on zoom in, pdf shows again
    * [PA-1315] - status bar: possible solutions
    * [PA-1331] - opening several files at once shows exception/error
    * [PA-1343] - 2018 - Action tools available in ribbon interface when archive is not open
    * [PA-1360] - Other formats selection always creates 7z - even though Cab or other format selected
    * [PA-1366] - go through archive, explorer and then to ftp, various interface issues
    * [PA-1373] - when Explorer w folders selected and use only inside archive checked - explorer tab not working properly
    * [PA-1374] - F12 for registration not working in Modern toolbar
    * [PA-1375] - using pins in explorer tab messes up explorer interface
    * [PA-1376] - panels dont work properly after using FTP tab
    * [PA-1379] - Cannot create ZIP backups on XP
    * [PA-1380] - Modern ribbon interface not showing in XP
    * [PA-1383] - selecting archive, explorer, burner, ftp mode in Ribbon does not work?
    * [PA-1388] - Default Zip Compression profile can be deleted in Add window
    * [PA-1398] - no overwrite dialog when creating new compression profile in Add window
    * [PA-1399] - PowerArchiver restarts when switching tabs
    * [PA-1401] - Small vertical line shows in FTP folder bar field name text
    * [PA-1403] - Explorer w folders view and 2 open archives in 2 tabs
    * [PA-1407] - Text cut off in Config>FTP
    * [PA-1412] - Cannnot create Zip SFX
    * [PA-1414] - File Tabs - new tab opened when clicking X and + not always working
    * [PA-1415] - Setup.exe in a Zip archive not exectuted and does not start
    * [PA-1416] - Send to Cloud right click option inside archive does not work
    * [PA-1419] - small issue when updating archive inside archive
    * [PA-1420] - archive in archive, preview does not work (tried with pdf)
    * [PA-1422] - shell: .21 delay after compression in shell finishes (5-8s), even with 1kb files
    * [PA-1425] - letter cut off in setup window
    * [PA-1426] - Focus in add windows should be on file list
    * [PA-1427] - Join Tool: File’s current folder destination folder not applied
    * [PA-1431] - Encrypt Tool title bar lists name of random file instead of archive
    * [PA-1432] - progress bar in main PA not painted properly (fine in shell), default skin
    * [PA-1433] - panel sizes are not saving again

    • .24 Update
    • Fixed languages not showing in select menu in classic toolbar
    • Fixed toolbar aliment change not working in config

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.25

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1451] - Ask to save edited file in archive when PA is closed on X or Exit
    * [PA-1453] - Ask to save edited files in archive: add Yes to All, No to All to the prompt

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1124] - Compress w Options disappears when less than 2 shell options selected
    * [PA-1181] - 170103 throws AV error when extracting and compressing PA format via shell in XP
    * [PA-1286] - (PA 2018) Queue does not work? (testing)
    * [PA-1423] - preview set to None by default for supported file types
    * [PA-1445] - when toolbar aligned to the bottom, 1. config align to the top, 2. reset defaults do not work
    * [PA-1455] - ZIPX archives throw InvalidPointer error after using Archive Comments
    * [PA-1456] - “Show comments when opening archive” does not show comments when opening archive
    * [PA-1457] - File format extension (zip/zipx) does not change accordingly
    * [PA-1461] - No comfirmation dialog when updating file inside archive

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 18.00.29

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-1317] - zip: cant extract specific file, either long filename or special characters
    * [PA-1441] - show compress with options even if compress to zip is disabled
    * [PA-1459] - change join tool icon in all icon sets for classic toolbar
    * [PA-1462] - Detect encryption when adding files to encrypted archives
    * [PA-1466] - comment panel - save options (position, size, minimized)
    * [PA-1468] - install tool blocks PA when 2nd file run
    * [PA-1469] - creating new archive - changing to zipx methods does not change extension
    * [PA-1472] - “notification platform not available” error at PA startup
    * [PA-1473] - disable moving of log window
    * [PA-1480] - use maximum for default zip shell extension profile

    ** Bug
    * [PA-1254] - encrypt files screen overlapping buttons at 125dpi, even when maximized
    * [PA-1260] - archive view with folders: startup filelist empty window
    * [PA-1280] - preview: click on file 2nd time, error shows
    * [PA-1307] - explorer mode: close archive in right panel and it will not show files on disk anymore
    * [PA-1341] - PA and 7Z formats throw AV error when compressing files on WinXP and Win7 x86 systems
    * [PA-1355] - navigating file list by letter, pa shows AV
    * [PA-1359] - - preview: click on file 2nd time, error shows
    * [PA-1370] - closing on ftp tab, command prompt window appears on next PA start
    * [PA-1430] - PA Crashes when clicking Open Button and browsing HDD
    * [PA-1434] - opening several archives after each other and access violation shows at exit
    * [PA-1437] - PA freezes when switching tabs and PDF in preview
    * [PA-1447] - config> ftp> connection, Explorer text cut off
    * [PA-1450] - right click on file in archive, Open With> Chose program does not work
    * [PA-1463] - Expand comment box in main PA
    * [PA-1464] - updating file inside archive, clicking on PA window X
    * [PA-1474] - Password security policies text not fully showing
    * [PA-1477] - Archive comment expansion not reset in .reg

    Whats New since 18.00.16

    • Fixed issues reported by users
    • Implemented full Modern/Ribbon functionality
    • Improved panel behavior, preview window and more.
    • Improved PDF previewer
    • Improved skinning support
    • Support for editing archive inside archive in new tab.
    • Rewritten parts of shell extensions code to be more stable
    • Improvements when detecting updates to multiple files in multiple tabs and saving those files.
    • Added Yes to All and No to All to update window
    • When adding files to the encrypted archive, encryption will be selected automatically and same password used.
    • Improved support for Windows XP when using PA and 7z formats
    • Better support for ZIP comments.
    • Solved all reported interface crashes reported so far for PA 2018.

    As of .23, this is now officially a public release of PowerArchiver 2018. To see a list of changes, please visit our news post about it:

    We have updated skinning section with PowerArchiver 2018 skins:

    Soon we will add more full interface skins, as well as toolbar icons and file format icons. Users can change all 3 independently for maximum customization.

    Thanks for reporting issues, from now on, please report them all into independent threads on our Tech support section:

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    @registered @Alpha-Testers fixed small issues in .24 release… links in OP above.

  • Why is .24 not on Fast Ring in PatchBeam?

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    @Alpha-Testers @registered New build .25 out today, first on forums then next up is Patchbeam. But we have rewritten parts of shell extensions, which may cause issues so better to check them first before we do public update. Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!

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    @Alpha-Testers @registered Build .27 available today… check above for changes. Happy Holidays!

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    @Alpha-Testers @registered New version .29 is out, check it out! Thanks to everyone for reporting and Happy Holidays!

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    @registered updated closed issues list up to .29. Full list now available.

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    Latest release 18.00.30:

    Please check your reported issues and enjoy! Full list coming over the weekend. Thanks!

  • conexware

    Latest release 18.00.31:

    Check it out! More info to come tomorrow.

    @registered @Alpha-Testers

  • conexware

    @spwolf there was an update to .31, to add compatibility for onedrive folders (as well as other similar) that was lost in last few build since we re-wrote the shell. So just redownload and it shall work!

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