(Preview) Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.19

  • conexware

    Latest Version: PowerArchiver 2018 18.00.19

    Download: via Patchbeam only

    Whats New (since 18.00.16)

    • Various updates to the panels inside PowerArchiver (folders, previews, etc) for better behavior (in .17).
    • Comprehensive update for Modern Toolbar (Ribbon). Now all features work with save/import, help, and apps interfaces added. Due to the way how Microsoft Ribbon SDK works, we have to restart PA when user goes into backup, burner and ftp tabs. This happens quickly on most computers.
    • Fixed ZIP compression issues in Windows XP.
    • Jpeg compression in PA format showing cmd window (lepton2).
    • Various other smaller issues
    • Enabled Patchbeam updates (1.7M)

    Since this preview version is only available for @Alpha-Testers and users with active select plan, you can get update via Patchbeam only. We will expand availability in the upcoming weeks.

    Thanks for testing and letting us know of your experiences!

  • Alpha Testers

    This post is deleted!

  • Please excuse did not know where this should be put or such. This may be a new product for you if interested but , The two things I have always used together with PowerArchiver are this program and a separate cd database program. Or File, CD indexer is more appropriate name.
    All my data disks are imaged / archived /then indexed, from the early Commodore days to the current or at least last 5 years.
    In the past Normal for me was to Buy a new Program and I would image it immediately Index it, then I would install the program.
    What I need to be doing is Downloading or Purchasing the Program and then installing. I was in hopes to even click on an executable or msi and have the PowerArchiver start and ask a couple of questions the normal stuff plus do I want to archive or index this file or CD into a database index, after installing it or would I like to View contents of it etc. If steps were made for me to Archive and also Install a program with the ability to come back and open an indexer in PowerArchiver and select the Archive function to do other things.
    The main thing with me these days are the fact that HardDrives are so roomy now that there is no reason not to have the indexers run in use in your program I think. However finding something on these hard drives is another matter. Also if I wanted to know what was in a particular CD those over in the CD Books I would be able to find it quickly. Finding files is sometimes another story. So if we had a Archiver that truly archives it could easily index in more than one way we could then just ask it to burn archive index place that image that I installed last year and wallah… we have a PowerArchiver that will install, archive the image, place the image and recall the images files etc and have a Archived Data File that contains all the names of the files contained in it. Thanks for giving this opportunity so watch the Alpha and Beta teams. Your company has truly gone to the upper limits in this area.

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