just small problem

  • hello
    i have folder with 21,875 file in it most of them small
    now if i try to create zip file from this folder file counted soon
    and start zipping now if i cancel and click yes in archive operation interrupted dialog nothing happen
    now if i try to create this archis as *.pa format counting file
    take around 2 min and 30 seconds then again during archive can not cancel it
    also process cpu usage is to much

  • Alpha Testers

    Somewhat confusingly to cancel you have to choose “No” to say you don’t want to continue. But even then it’s very disappointing how long it sometimes carries on afterwards. I think maybe something was broken in .92 it does seem worse than I remember for .zip files.

    I dislike Yes/No used in this way.
    Especially like this where I click Cancel and I’m effectively asked if I don’t want to cancel.
    In your mind you’re thinking you’re confirming that you meant to cancel, not that you’re saying No I didn’t cancel accidentally.
    Cancel yes/No would be better.
    Just Cancel/Continue even better.

  • oh understand it now.
    yes when click Cancel it should be Cancel no more question

  • conexware

    Hi @mohammad

    Are you using version .92?
    It cancels rather quickly for me on a test job of about 900 files.
    Confirmation dialog is there to make sure that the Cancel button is not pressed accidentally which can obviously result in an unwanted cancellation. The text structure in the dialog is different than most confirmation dialog, but it is rather straightforward. Maybe we can update it in the future(requires updating of a lot of translations)

  • conexware

    @brian-gregory it is a trick because cancelling might cost you something while not cancelling wont.

  • conexware

    @mohammad you can pick number of threads you want to use… by default it tells you how many threads are available and then you can lower it for less cpu usage. This is in main Add window.

  • Alpha Testers

    @spwolf Wont? What about time spent with increased blood pressure cursing PA for not cancelling.

  • @Mili
    yes latest build
    it sometimes take 5 sec sometime take more than 30sec to cancel
    it has minimize button so user can easily send it to tray then no more accidentally cancel or at least that yes button should cancel not no button.but still in counting file for adding to archive it take long time(pa format) but with zip its ok

    thanks manual threads is a little effective
    1 thread 4% to 11% cpu with low priority
    so then its ok for me

    thanks for all yours help

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