Files blocked due to emergency stop on compression

  • Alpha Testers

    scenario : started explorer shell ‘compress xxxx to .pa’. / interrupted the process (forced) and started ‘compress xxxx to .zip’.
    result : Impossible to delete the created .temp and partial .pa file…
    Checked MS Task manager : no trace of PA.
    Started PA and closed : still same result…


    Conflict due to forced interrupt caused by user or no foreseen prog scenario by PA ?

    remark : through PA Dashboard the interruption caused no problems. Stopped the cancelling (does it works?) and forced with task manager the exit of PA and the files can be deleted.

  • conexware

    hmmmm, tried it here and cancelling the PA file creation cancels it immediately and the PA archive that was being created disappears(properly)

    Tried it on a larger file as well and same behavior happened.

    How large is the file you are compressing and are you using version .92?


  • Alpha Testers

    @mili One detail I forgot : I also interrupted the Cancel process of PA !!
    As nothing seems to happen in cancel process (only speed decrease), I closed the process using the “X” MS standard.
    (on .92 - x86 :-( .
    (76 mb - 58% completed - after cancel proc > 4 minutes, closed by X process)
    The compress happens at a logical speed for my x86 but the Cancel beats all time records, reason why I forced it to stop… can you simulate this on your x86 machine ?

  • conexware

    hey, thanks for the details! Just tried this on an x86 machine.
    Compressing 2 files, together at 365mbs, into a PA format, click Cancel at 60% of compression and then click NO at confirmation screen and the progress window disappears in a few seconds and the PA file is deleted immediately. And this is a rather slow x86 machne.

    Is there Anti Virus software that could be slowing it down and/or throwing the “File in use” error?

  • Alpha Testers

    @mili aaah, I simulated your simulation. Indeed with a compress interrupt of ‘FILES’ no problem. Everything disappears indeed after a few seconds.
    But can you select a FOLDER (containing subfolders) : curious about your results then…

  • conexware

    @pirrbe if you cancel via task manager, then file could stay locked, depending on luck… because you forced quit PA.exe, it can not release the file. I assume there is no powerarc.exe left in task manager? Then restart would “solve” the issue.

    Mili will try reproducing the folder cancel issue.


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