Non functionaly option in Backup Editor of .pbs batch

  • Alpha Testers

    If you edit an existing .pbs in Backup or create a new one, the option ‘FOLDER’ doesn’t work.
    You can select in explorer a folder but the selection will not be copied into the PA folder field…

  • conexware

    @pirrbe ok, so you cant change backup location… seems to work here, maybe @Mili can check it out on x86 Windows…

  • conexware

    checked it out on an x86 system, I was able to change the destination folder properly and backup was saved there.
    maybe send us the .pbs to support and we will try with that?


  • Alpha Testers

    @mili after trying that ‘NEW’ missing shell (other post) and back from scratch on v.91, I discovered this beauty :
    If I create a new .pbs the folder field will change with the folder I select !
    If I try to change the folder field of an existing .pbs (created in previous versions) the folder field is frozen, cannot be changed.
    ?? Can you confirm this, else I’ll sent the files.

  • conexware

    Finally, I was able to reproduce it. It seems to appear when first changing the destination folder in the very first screen, then clicking the browse button in destination media screen.

    thanks very much for the details @pirrbe !!
    We have logged it in