A dashboard test requests an open archive... shell test command doesn't

  • Alpha Testers

    In the dashboard you first have to open an archive before the TEST icon is available (unfaded) and test can be executed.

    In explorer you select an archive folder and through shell command ‘power archiver/test’ the test is executed… no need to open the archive !!

    Extra remark : the test via shell commands just reports an ‘OK’, no details on files in archive or file size… ?? Other routines/subroutines for a same action?

  • conexware

    @pirrbe Test via shell show progress in progress window where all of the files are listed. In main PA, different interface is used. This is done so main PA interface does not have to be loaded.

    In the end, it is same simple command to the engine, it is always full archive tested.

  • Alpha Testers

    thx, once again learned about PA’s internal households :-)

  • Alpha Testers

    test uploading scr_prints after new upgrade communic.package :

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