Real slow UX / PA 2017

  • I am using latest version 17.00.83
    OS : Windows 10 Pro Creators Update x64
    Security App : Emsisoft Internet security.
    On a laptop with decent specs with 12 GB RAM and i7 processor with SSD drive. Photoshop works faster than PA.

    Please watch the screen recording :

    The UI opens and closes too slow. Shell extraction is slower than winrar.
    Switching between tools is real slow. Opening and closing configuration window is slow too.

  • I would recommend opening up task manager (right click on task bar, select task manager) so we can see what’s going on while opening/selecting different tabs. Also, after opening task manager do the following;

    Options - Always on top
    View - Update speed high

    So before opening PA2017, open the tm first and select the process tab. Than look at the CPU% and disk% to see what’s going on.

  • conexware

    @delixyr i can confirm that closing part is due to emsisoft scanning our registry save at close. We will try to work around this in the future. Same goes for config when you click on OK, it saves info to the registry and it seems emsisoft is scanning all the changes first.

    as to the changing interface tabs, this should not be so slow, I dont see why should AV influence this but I can get slow times with emsisoft too there… I have to time it to see before/after emsisoft to make sure it is the part of the problem.

    Your video is very helpful, thank you for making it. We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing.

    I will update the thread when I time it on my own laptop here.

  • conexware

    @delixyr Quick tests:

    Emsisosft ON

    1. Start PA 2.40s
    2. Go to FTP 6.27s
    3. Go to Archive 7.60s
    4. Open Config 1.40s
    5. Close Config 10.59s
    6. Close PA 4.20s
    7. Extract shell 0.95s

    Emsisosft – whitelisted – no changes

    Emsisosft - uninstalled

    1. Start PA 2.40s
    2. Go to FTP 1.44s
    3. Go to Archive around 0.5s or faster
    4. Open Config 1.30s
    5. Close Config 2s
    6. Close PA 0.5s or faster
    7. Extract shell 0.95s

    So when it comes to closing config, closing PA and changing between FTP and Archive modes, there are massive differences between Emsisoft being ON or OF. I could not see any difference in shell extract and with AV on, my laptop cpu is likely at full speed before PA starts so it starts a bit faster.

    edit: here is video with windows defender on (not emsisoft):

  • conexware

    @delixyr to see if shell extract speed can be faster, can you go to HKCU\Software\PowerArchiverInt - export it first and then delete complete PowerArchiverInt key from registry.

    Then try starting PA and see how fast is it, and after that see extract here and if there is any difference?

    after that you can restore your settings of course by doubleclicking on saved .reg file. Thanks!

  • @spwolf I have disabled all components of EIS and saw no noticeable changes. And PA is the only app that is slow. I tried after reboot too. I dont have much apps or services running in background. 75% of my RAM was free and only 10% of CPU has been used. I will try the other solutions mentioned and report my observations later today.

  • conexware

    @delixyr yes, disabling does not work, it keeps working in the bg, but thats the same for all AVs. Only uninstall will clean it properly. Obviously we dont expect you to uninstall AV you paid for.

    We will write them an email, Kaspersky or NOD used to do this 3-4 years ago, but we got them to whitelist PowerArchiver main exe so it works properly. This is for closing issue where PA writes many entries to registry. No other AV ever slowed down file listings.

  • @spwolf As far as I know EIS used BitDefender engine.

  • conexware

    @delixyr we got pretty fast response from Emsisoft. They are looking into fixing it permanently, but in the meantime you can disable PA folder monitoring and it will work properly:


    Good company, fast support, kudos for them. Lets hope they can fix it for other users fast too.

  • Yeah now it has gotten way faster :) . And yeah their customer support is very responsive and supportive. And great security app. Hope to have PA a really swift utility app. … precisely the context menu / shell extraction.

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