.tar Delete button does nothing

    • I have a 21gb tar file with 84k files

    PA opens it nicely without any issue.

    But when i select a folder and click on delete it does nothing except showing a progress bar and refreshing with files and folders intact as if nothing happened

    Serious Bug or am i expecting something which isn’t implemented?

  • conexware

    @Mohsin-M. thanks for the report, we will check it out and let you know.

  • conexware

    Thanks for the info. are you also getting the screen in the screenshot and PA just stays there?

    Is your Tar file a .tar.gz or a .tar?
    It seems like the archive is being updated once a folder inside is deleted, and given that you’re working with a large large archive, it could be taking a while to update.

    In our tests here, once a folder inside is deleted, PA takes a few seconds(or more depending on the archive size) to update the archive.
    If possible now, try deleting a folder and let PowerArchiver update the archive. It eventually should update it and return to archive(without the progress/delete dialog that is in screenshot.

    Let us know if that helped and thanks for the info!

    0_1499344797470_delete tar folder.JPG

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