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PA 2017 issues with ACE format (not extracting and not opening file in default app)

  • I registered because I have some issues with PA 2017 and the ACE format. One of the reason I bought PA 2017 is because it supports ACE. I have a lot of old files in this format.

    My first issue is that I can’t extract files from an ACE archive. PA can open the archive so I can see the files inside. However, when I extract the files, PA does not ask for a password, it just makes a folder where the extracted files are supposed to be but when I check the folder, it is empty. My issue is why is it not asking for the password.

    My second issue is that inside the PA window, when I double click on a file in the archive, it does not open the file with the default program. When I double click a video file or document, for example, I expect that it would be played in the default program. This does not happen when I click on my files. Again this is in the ACE format.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • conexware


    Is this only in encrypted ACE files or all ACE files?
    Would you be able to send us a sample file so that we may take a look?

    You may upload it somewhere and send us a link at support at conexware dot com and we’ll take a look at it immediately.


  • conexware

    @winter I think this might be the issue with 32bit dlls and x64 PA… we can fix it, thanks for letting us know.

  • @mili, this is for encrypted ACE format. I haven’t tried it for the unencrypted ACE (correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that the ACE format means its encrypted).

    I have made an example ACE file for you to try.

    @spwolf, @mili, thanks for looking into this. One of the reasons I got PA was because I want to use it on the old ACE format.

  • conexware

    @winter said in PA 2017 issues with ACE format (not extracting and not opening file in default app):

    ACE is old format that was popular in early 2000’s, very similar to RAR I guess… it stopped being updated some 10 years or so ago… archives can be encrypted or not.

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