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    I have a lot of created batches and want to organize them back into folders or rename them with more logical names, I will have problem :
    In case of rename/move your .pbs files are erased from the dashboard…

    Hereby a visualisation of the effects when you rename a .pbs batch :
    Actual status : two files in explorer/two in dashboard, syncrone.

    I rename a file in explorer (not a function in dashboard). And now I have 2 files in explorer, 1 in dashboard. The REFRESH has no impact… and the renamed is erased…

    To have the renamed file in the dashboard, I have to run it once in explorer.

    Question : if you open the dashboard for ARCHIVES, PA opens an explorer where you have all functions. Why not the same technic in BACKUP ? This will avoid this kind of problems (I suppose).

    Suggestion : Why not in configuration/Folders create a ‘Backup Batches’ location that is filled up with a default but that can be personalized, such as for Temp/Startup locations.
    ![0_1500500162147_e8681292-be20-4257-8546-4369bbf483ba-image.png](Uploading 100%)
    This in combination with the ‘explorer window’ as used in ARCHIVES will avoid the above mentioned manipulations…

  • Alpha Testers

    This post is deleted!

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