Encrypted or not encrypted, that's the question

  • Alpha Testers

    If you must select a compressed file to send as an attachment in a mail, you never know if the file was encrypted or not.
    Happened already twice … :-
    Example : two files seems not being encrypted, only one is for sure, due to suffix ’ _enc’… Wrong : test 2 is encrypted too.
    The problem is due to unstandardized/uniformed encrypt options in PA. Example :
    Dashboard ARCHIVE / new / add
    Here you only can activate or not the encryption

    Dashboard BACKUP
    Only the option activate or not

    This is the only window with the _enc suffix
    Here you have more encrypt options, but these only appears in the ‘encryption suite’…

    Request : standardized/uniformed options for encryption in all screens (accessed via dashboard or explorer)

  • conexware

    @pirrbe if you select encryption, it will be encrypted :).

    Encryption tool is specialized for Encryption so it it can encrypt multiple files individually, this is why it has an option of suffix.

    But suffix is not required for regular archive options during archive, since unique filename is being created for sure.

  • Alpha Testers

    @spwolf I went back to the explorer shell commands. Aaaah, somewhere there’s allways a solution in PA ! My case : the file was already encrypted, but I forgot to ‘manual’ add the ‘enc’ in the filename. Renaming is for the moment not a good idea (discussed in chat, but still to report). But of course, in explorer you select the encrypted file, then in shell command ‘Power Archiver’/‘Encrypt’ and there you can select the suffix ‘_enc’. Cool, my encrypted file is encrypted again but now with the desired encrypt indication !
    (the context of my request was in the case I use PA as an ordinary Zipper to quickly compress/encrypt just one file. So not a real archive).
    Ok, given the possibility to adjust it trough PA itself, my problem is solved 🙂

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