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.pa archive with backup parameter 'overwrite not activated' allways overwrite the archive

  • Alpha Testers

    Two tests are involved (zip / pa)
    Parameter ‘overwrite previous file’ ON (activated)
    First initial run, backup created with time stamp 23:05
    Second run : ok, backup is overwriten, new time stamp 23:07
    Parameter set to ‘overwrite’ OFF (not activated)
    First run with new parameter setting shows a time stamp of 23:31:
    Second run : Backup to D:\Backups\PA Backups\Test overwrite\test zip overwrite started at 12/06/2017 23:33:49
    The time stamp in explorer still is on 23:31… perfect, no overwrite
    Now still with the param OFF, I change something to the soure file and saved it : file time stamp 23:44
    Perfect, the zip archive is overwritten with the changed source.
    Final test for the zip : a second run will show the time stamp of 23:47… no overwrite, perfect
    CONCLUSION FOR AN ARCHIVE WITH ZIP COMPRESSION : parameter overwrite ON/OFF works perfect

    Now the tests with a backup archive with PA COMPRESSION contains a BUG.
    If you activate or disactivate the overwrite parameter, the archive will ALLWAYS BE OVERWRITEN !!
    I changed the .pbs to create a .PA compressed backup, with the parameter overwrite OFF
    First run , archive created with time stamp 0:16
    Second run : source file unchanged, parameter overwrite OFF, the time stamp changed. The archive is OVERWRITTEN !!!
    Strange :
    The Archive option in the .pa is empty ?
    Zip is filled in

  • conexware

    thanks for the details, checking this one out

  • conexware

    Confirmed both, logged in. thanks very much! 🙂

  • conexware

    just checked 85 and 86, seems to work fine.

    Would you mind sending us the pbs script you are using to support and we will try with that


  • Alpha Testers

    No problem, it’s on the way up

  • conexware

    thanks for sending it @pirrbe
    We tested and confirmed it occurs when Queue/testing it turned on

    logged in for fixing. thanks again!

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