PA2017 - Folders Bar Paint bug

  • Alpha Testers

    Open an archive with Folders Bar enabled, click once on the archive name in the Folders Bar and now click on a file in the listing. The archive name in the Folders Bar is now completely black and impossible to read!!!

    This affects only the Light skins except for Classic Light!
    (Caramel, Holidays, Office 2016 Light, Spring Green, Valentine, Whiteprint)


    Update: I am seeing a focusing bug on those not affected…
    With Blueprint, Classic Dark, Halloween and Office 2016 Dark skins, the archive name in Folders Bar remains selected even with a filename selected in list!
    With the Classic Light skin, the archive name in Folders Bar remains unselected when a filename is selected in list!

    Which one is correct?

  • Alpha Testers

    This might be why we now only have 3 skins available,
    bug still exists with Caramel skin and 17.00.90

  • conexware

    @ckit thanks for the update… it has nothing to do with skins not read from folders though.

  • Alpha Testers

    Fixed in Build 91, Thank you!

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