Some settings not restored in PA portable

  • Alpha Testers

    On latest PA 17.00.69 x64 portable, some settings are not properly restored on launch. For instance View->Windows->Preview pane when settings are exported, are properly saved:


    But when I launch PA again, preview pane is still there, so it seems they are not properly loaded. I can confirm that works on PA 17.00.69 not portable.

  • conexware

    @nikkho check: C:\portableinstallationfolder\saved_configuraton\file1.reg file for what is saved in Portable registry. Keep in mind it is completely different registry key from main PA, so it has nothing to do with each other, they are independent.


  • Alpha Testers

    Thank you. Sorry for the confusion. Was not aware of this new reg file for the portable edition.

    You can discard this then.

  • conexware

    @nikkho ah, ok. Yeah, keep in mind portable is there to be used on anyone’s computer without changing their PA installation. So they are kept completely separate.

    Portable can be use from usb and it will save settings to usb, and you should have same settings no matter where you use it.


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